Saturday, July 19, 2008


Here it is Lovers, for the first time ever you can now drink some of our love in the official
 "Hot Mexican Love Comics"
 Shot Glass.
Straight from Mexico (by way of China) comes the first non-comic item produced by the nucleus of HMLC. Our two sided shot glass depicts our icon on one side, and our hopes on the other.

Other potential slogans:
Please Swallow
Open your mouth and taste the Love
Straight from the "Angry Bob" factory
Passion in a Glass

This limited edition collectible was hand crafted and when used properly, simultaneously raises your passion while lowering your standards! FIESTA!

But it will only be available at the San Diego Comic Con. Be sure to get there early and pick up yours before they run out.

See you in the Small Press Area (table N8)

-Senor Ira

P.S. HMLC does not condone drinking and driving, so walk back to your hotel after you have a drink with us.


Unknown said...

Can't wait for my shot glass... maybe i will bring something to try it out with

Albert said...

What is that white stuff in the glass???