Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Sneak Peek at New Hot Mexican Love Sensation!

Author-Artist Tom Welch let the HMLC blog have this world exclusive sneak-peek at his top-secret new project. We call first dibs on the movie rights!

Thursday, September 11, 2008

Del Carmen Delivers on Design!

Buenos Dias Lovers and Fans across the net. The HMLC Nucleus continues to recoup from San Diego and prep for APE in San Francisco, but our contributors keep spreading the love!

Louie del Carmen has been a contributor with the book since its inception back in 1996, and has contributed to everything we have published (except for our 2006 issue). He has two of his own blogs (check out the link on our sidebar), self-publishes his own books, storyboards like a man possessed and is a great kisser (so his wife tells me). So it was no surprise that the Character Design blogspot, chose to interview him recently.

Louie gives a glimpse of everything del Carmen and gives a proper shout-out to HMLC, mentioning that we were around before all these other recent studio anthologies. Huzzah!
To read the interview CLICK HERE.

And gracias to you Louie, your friendship and love continue to be an inspiration.