Wednesday, October 14, 2009

APE this weekend!

Buenos Noches Lovers!

This weekend in the City on the Bay is the
And Hot Mexican Love Comics will be there! Be sure to get a booster shot of Love by stopping by our table. Lovers on hand include:

Senor Ira
The Lady Janice

We will have our expanding library of books available for purchase including a new sketchbook from cover artist Paul Wee (his first solo book, those are in limited supply folks)

Also available are the convention exclusive HMLC Shot Glasses!
This year featuring "Senor Hot Stuff"
(last year's shot glasses were gobbled up quick, you don't want to be left out this time around Amigos)

And once again, we will be auctioning off a
"Date with Albert (BeanRobot)!"
The auction is free with purchase, but the memories will last a lifetime.

So stop on by table 528 for
Music, Laughter, Sketches,
tips on how to pick up women,
tips on how to pick up men (L-Dogg' s specialty),
and most of all: comics!!!

Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Still alive

Fear not faithful Lovers! We have not gone AWOL, we are just busy.

A quick update for all of you who are located in the Bay Area: L-Dogg, Beanrobot, Lady J & myself will be making our annual appearance at the APE Con in two weeks! (Angry Bob will not be joining us. He has yet another anger management weekend to attend. Mandatory, of course).

More details to come soon!

Tuesday, September 1, 2009

The Hottest Romance EVER!

Talk about a passion that knows no bounds! Michelle & Jim Bob Duggar (leaders of the brewing Duggar cult) proudly announced the impending arrival of their 19th child! Way to go you two! You certainly know how to keep passion alive.

One would think that after 25 years of marriage and 18 children, the fires may grow a little dim in the furnace, but not for these two. They keep things super hot! I can only imagine the type of hedonistic unions these two join in when behind closed doors. And are there any accompaniments to help them keep the romance in the stratosphere? Literature perhaps? Literature of the Latin-based anthological kind?

If anybody has any information regarding the Duggars having possession of our book, PLEASE let us know (they have not returned my calls or emails). And for more info. on this enormous family, check out this article on the Huffington Post.

So Mazel Tov Duggar family. You are an inspiration to lovers everywhere!

(editor's note: while the staff at Hot Mexican Love Comics thoroughly encourages the art of romance and the act of love-making (both with a partner and by yourself), we also encourage safe-sex and are supporters of the Pro-Choice movement)

Friday, August 14, 2009

SDCC 09 Review: Part Uno

Hola Amigos ¿Como esta?

As the love courses through our veins, so must we blood-let ourselves to share the passion with you.

Comic-Con is always fun. We had a good year filled with laughs, music and sales (Fiesta!) Sadly, the winner of the "Win a date with BeanRobot" was a no-show. But never fear, although Albert was disappointed, many other lover-wannabees were delighted, knowing that their chance at love is only a smile away.

Part of the fun at the show is making new friends, and even better is re-aquainting ourselves with "former customers". We are tickled that you make room in your heart and time at the convention for us.

Preview Night

First off, a huge thanks and kiss on the cheek goes out to artist, friend and contributor, Robert Goodin, for helping me unload my truck and set up the HMLC table at the con. Be sure to check out his blog at Wood Paneled Basement for all things Goodin. While your at it, click over to his second blog, COVERED, which is one of the best new blogs in years. Featuring all kinds of interpretations of Comic Book Covers from every age. It's a Hit!

As for the show, Senor Ira sat alone for three hours, but did as well as could be expected being that most attendees on Wednesday evening were running around for convention exclusives... which we had. The "Senor Hot Stuff" collectible shot glass was a big hit for us. So big that it guarantees a series of shot glasses! Where can you get one? Only at a convention (it's a convention exclusive... duh?) But we will be at APE Con in San Fran in Oct. More on that later.What will number three in the series look like? Well for that you'll have to check here in about 10 months.


No more lonely nights or days here, thanks to the arrival of the cutest Belgian you could ever meet. Rudi-riffic, our Belgian Mexican Lover, came down to help spread the love and work the table with yours truly. This was Rudi's second year helping us out at the big show and it was much appreciated. For all of you who requested one of his authentic Belgian Waffles, we apologize for running out so early. But damn are they tasty! If you've had one you know how addictive they are. They are so good they may become a convention exclusive in the future.

Enough words, feast your eyes on some Pics.

Dearest Monelle, your support of our love is better than any brassiere could ever provide.
(And thanks for the Hot Sauce)

Dr. Mrs. The Monarch is believed to be the winner of the
"Win a Date with BeanRobot" contest.
Some people feel it was a fix. For her, I think it is just a loss.

Sweet Christmas! Powerman knows where the love is!

Comedian and Silk Spectre.
Awesome Costumes, Terrible Movie adaptation.
(Great taste in Comics though)

Orale' Harlow. Keep it real 'til next year Hermano.

Oops, my bad, THIS is a pic of the winner of the "Win a Date with Beanrobot". Perhaps he wasn't macho enough to go out on a date with a real Mexican Lover.

That's enough for now. Stay tuned for review: Part Dos!

Saturday, August 1, 2009

The Last Convention

... last WEEK that is.

Sorry for the delay in updates, Lovers. After a long five days of spreading the love, it takes almost a week to recoup. (Jeez Louise, we may be super romantic but we are not Super human).

Until I have the proper time alloted for a more detailed update and commentary, the above photo of the Nucleus with the Space Pope, must suffice. Yes, once again the "Pasion Index" was HIGH. Overall, we had a good show and thank all of you, our loyal readers, followers and R.I.T.'s (Romantics-in-Training) for stopping by and continuing to spread our gospel of Latin Love.

may vestri vita exsisto repletus per perturbatio quod comic libri,
Senor Ira

Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Let the Games Begin!

Comic-Con is here!


Small Press Area

Table N8

Angry Bob!


Senor Ira!

The Lady Janice!




Be There.

(Dress Casual, our crimes of Passion are legal)

Tuesday, July 21, 2009


Due to the OVERWHELMING success of

last year's Shot Glass,

we're doing it again!

Only at San Diego Comic-Con 2009 will you be able to purchase the second in what may become a series of collectible shot glasses brought to you by your favorite Banditos de Amor. The Hot Mexican Love Comics shot glass (numero dos) features our very own " Senor Hot Stuff " on one side, and a personal invitation inscribed on the other.

Hailed by both dignitaries and alcoholics as "The most satisfying non-organic object to touch their lips", the Hot Mexican Love Comics Shot Glass is the best way to reminisce your time of unbridled pasion.

As with all of our products, this drinking receptacle was crafted with the sweat of our love, the tears of our romance and an internet manufacturing company. How can you pass that up? Bonus with each purchase: you get to actually touch the flesh (a handshake, a hug or ???) of the HMLC team member working the booth at the time!

HMLC team members scheduled to attend:

-Senor Ira


-Angry Bob

-The Lady Janice (handshakes only hombres)

-Rudi-riffic, Our Belgian Casanova

and everybody's favorite, Beanrobot... ALBERT!!

So be sure to make your annual pilgrimage to our sensual little booth and purchase yours before they run out. (And purchase a couple extra to resell on eBay while you're at it.)

See in the Small Press Area table N8

As always, con amor,

Senor Ira

p.s. we will NOT be doing shots at the booth this year (Comic-Con Org. slapped our wrists for doing that last time), but feel free to buy us a drink after convention hours!

Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Senor Hot Stuff wants YOU!!

Hola Amigos!

The San Diego Comic-Con 2009 is right around the corner and things sure are HOT here at our HQ.

What type of things you ask? Well you'll just have to check back here for updates regarding our return to the Big Show in San Diego Next Week!

See you then Lovers.

Saturday, May 2, 2009

Hot AFRICAN Love!!

Here it is, true believers!
Proof that our modern day "Kama Sutra/Personal Improvement Life Guide" knows no boundaries, plays no favorites and transcends cultural, economical & technological ways of life.

The above photo was taken in Tanzania, in the famous Serengeti Nat'l Park! No, these are not people in costume, they are authentic Maasai Tribespeople, whose age-old way of life has just become,
 you guessed it... MORE PASSIONATE.
(to learn more about the Maasai, click here)

One may figure that perhaps our multicultural magazine was given to our indigenous friends, due to the fact they are holding the latest issue. But as the astute viewer can tell, by presence of the baby being held on the right and the expectant mother on the left, the Maasai are obviously quite familiar with our book and it's romantic results. Viva Amor!

Now I don't deny being present to take the photo. I mean, let's be serious. It's one thing for the Maasai to own copies of our book. But to think that they not only have a digital camera, computers AND a reliable internet connection in the middle of a region which spans approx. 30,000 square Kilometers and whose names translates into "endless plains"...bah!

This other photo is of yours truly, during the same excursion, at the base of what is the highest peak on the whole continent,

It had been a dream of mine to see the famous peak with my own eyes. And with the assistance of Hot Mexican Love Comics, another one of my dreams came true. So be sure to run down to your local retailer and pick up the latest issue if you haven't already. And then sit back and let your dreams become reality.

con amor, esperanza y sueños,
Senor Ira

MORE Love around the world

Happy May Lovers!

Team Sherak is back from its world travels and happy to show the Love has spread even further. Pictured is my wife in the historic city of Edinburgh, Scotland, with its famous castle high in the background.

Now, although I admit to keeping a copy of the most passionate comic-anthology on the shelves today with me at most times. The photo is being posted to prove one of its other features (aside from enhancing the passion in your life). It was approx. 40 degrees F at the time this photo was taken (note my wife's apparel). And at this point, she was not carrying the book to show off our location, but to keep warm! If you're reading this, you know how much heat this book radiates!

Many of our loyal readers already know of the magical properties contained within our home-brewed literature. But here is some non-photoshopped proof of why people should keep a copy of Hot Mexican Love Comics with them at all times.

Keep spreading the love amigos,
Senor Ira

Monday, March 2, 2009

Love around the World

Bonjourno Lovers,

Sorry for the delay in posts. Mind you I am not apologizing for myself, but for the other members of our Comic Nucleus who should be posting to keep the love flowing.

The above photo was taken in the city of Venice, Italy, at St. Mark's Square. And as I am about to embark on another world travel which will bring EVERYBODY'S favorite Latin-themed Comic Anthology to yet another continent, I decided to post some fun photos from last year's adventure, where our Latin-themed Comic made a splash in another country with a Latin-based language.

The photo below was taken by yours truly, it features my good friend and loyal fan of passion, Steve Holand, with a gondola driver who claims that if he held the romance within the pages of our periodical, the pure energy of the book combined with the atmosphere of this most romantic of cities would singe his hands and prevent him from earning a living.

I believed every word. As did Steve, which is why he is wearing gloves while holding the book.

Look for my next update from across the globe next month.

Amor Y Besos,
Senor Ira

Thursday, January 1, 2009

Feliz Nuevo Ano!

Buenos Dias Friends & Lovers of all shapes, sizes & sexual proclivities!

Welcome to 2009. Last night the HMLC Nucleus (minus Angry Bob who was temporarily deported north of the border to his Motherland) gathered and celebrated the New Year of many different countries every hour, on the hour, all the while spreading our Latin Cheer! We hope that your celebration was as festive as ours.

Big things are in store this upcoming year and we hope you will all be on board for our journey. What kind of things you ask? Well, first and foremost, we are working on a plan for World Peace, which is a subsidiary project of our "Spread the Love Foundation". Stay tuned for more on that.

There will also be a shift in the editing of the book for our next issue. Larry "L-Dogg" Reynosa will be returning to the frontlines of the publishing/editing side of the book, with Canada's own "Angry Bob" Bowen co-helming the project and adopting the title "Editor-In-Chief". Utilizing his furious disposition, Bob is quoted as saying "J. Jonah Jameson is gonna seem like Mahatma Ghandi compared to me." Remember Bob, this is Hot Mexican LOVE.

Why the shift in control? The reasons are varied, but mostly, to devote time to my upcoming nuptuals. And after three consecutive years of donating our spare time to passion, Albert "Beanrobot" Calleros and myself could use a break. (Albert can also use a date after the rejection he got at the pub last night. NO LADIES, he IS NOT impotent.)

Looking back at the past few years, they've been good. I will miss heralding the book this season. I will also miss the holiday glasses people wear on New Years since 2000. You know the ones, where the lenses are put in the centered, double zero slots. It will be another 900 years 'til society gets to enjoy those again.

I will continue to do some posts here now and again, so stay tuned. May your New Year be a joyous one filled with Amor, Besos Y Pasion (I know mine will be).

And look for "Hot Mexican Love Comics 2009" coming this July.

Viva Romance,
Senor Ira