Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Hungry for something?

Well here's another tidbit to satisfy your craving for love,

HOT MEXICAN LOVE (comics that is).

Our 2010 edition will be 48 pages

The front cover will once again be painted by fan-favorite Paul Wee!

We will not be distributing through Diamond this time around (at least not yet) so if you live outside of the Los Angeles area, the only way to get this issue is at San Diego Comic-Con.

The capital of Mexico is Mexico City. The main export: Passion.

The above illustration is from Senior Lover, Master of Romance, and Wrangler of the 14" Python... Rodrigo Clouden.

Friday, May 21, 2010

Working FOR and ON the weekend

two posts in one month
(told you all I would update)

Senor Ira here to let you know that 90% of the artwork has been viewed by yours truly
(why not 100%, because passion takes time amigos)

The above image is from our fire-haired lover, Ethan Spaulding.
It is not only a tease from his latest story,
but it best conveys my mental state as I compile the book...


Love carries a price tag,
and it is not always on sale.

May your weekend be filled with hugs, kisses and tequila
(do a shot for me as I will still be working... for you).

Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Feliz Cinco de Mayo

!Hola Lovers!

Hope you are all having the most festive of celebrations this Fifth of May.
We are working very hard on the next issue, seriously. And promise you an update of all things HMLC very soon. In the meantime, my gift to you is a tiny peek of one of the stories from our next issue. Provided by Freshman lover, Caleb Meurer!

His name is "Burrito", and his passion will become YOURS.

con amor y besos,
Senor Ira