Wednesday, October 14, 2009

APE this weekend!

Buenos Noches Lovers!

This weekend in the City on the Bay is the
And Hot Mexican Love Comics will be there! Be sure to get a booster shot of Love by stopping by our table. Lovers on hand include:

Senor Ira
The Lady Janice

We will have our expanding library of books available for purchase including a new sketchbook from cover artist Paul Wee (his first solo book, those are in limited supply folks)

Also available are the convention exclusive HMLC Shot Glasses!
This year featuring "Senor Hot Stuff"
(last year's shot glasses were gobbled up quick, you don't want to be left out this time around Amigos)

And once again, we will be auctioning off a
"Date with Albert (BeanRobot)!"
The auction is free with purchase, but the memories will last a lifetime.

So stop on by table 528 for
Music, Laughter, Sketches,
tips on how to pick up women,
tips on how to pick up men (L-Dogg' s specialty),
and most of all: comics!!!

Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Still alive

Fear not faithful Lovers! We have not gone AWOL, we are just busy.

A quick update for all of you who are located in the Bay Area: L-Dogg, Beanrobot, Lady J & myself will be making our annual appearance at the APE Con in two weeks! (Angry Bob will not be joining us. He has yet another anger management weekend to attend. Mandatory, of course).

More details to come soon!