Tuesday, July 27, 2010

A day to recoup

What a passionate group. And so handsome too!

Hola Amigos.
San Diego International Comic-Con 2010 has come and gone.
And thanks to you, it was one of our most successful shows. There's a lot of thanks to go around, but they will have to wait.

We dispensed so much passion over the past five days that we need a break to recharge the love batteries. But if you need a little fix, you can check us out at our Twitter site (http://twitter.com/hmlcomics) or at our Facebook Page.

AND if you become a member of the Facebook Page, the passion in your life will increase approximately 17.5%!

How can that happen? Because we love you.

The above photo is the Nucleus/booth crew for the con this past year: Beanrobot (Albert), Senor Ira (aka The Thrillionaire), The Lady Janice (Lady J.), KeyCon (our N.Y. based Lover) and L-Dogg (LarryDigital). Collectively known as
"The Tangerine Dream"

Goodnight Sweet Lovers,
stay warm under the covers.

Tuesday, July 20, 2010

details and guidelines

Hola Amigos!

We are using every last moment prepping for the "Big Show". What surprises do we have in store for all you faithful Lovers?

Not even we know because we don't know what we will be able to finish before we depart for San Diego.

Here is a map so you can find us at Comic-Con.

Once again, we will be in the

Small Press Area - table O14.

Share this map and info with all your friends.

Schedule of events at our Table:

Wednesday (Preview Night): Sorry Amigos, Wednesday is Hump Day. No HMLC for you.

Thursday: sell comics & shot glasses, sketch for fans, give advice on Love and perhaps a hug or two

Friday: sell comics & shot glasses, sketch for fans, give advice on Love and perhaps a hug or two

Saturday: sell comics & shot glasses, sketch for fans, give advice on Love and perhaps a hug or two

Sunday: sell comics & shot glasses, sketch for fans, give advice on Love and perhaps a hug or two,

raffle off Albert's phone number

We may also be calling "Angry Bob" intermittently throughout the con since he decided to recharge his Canadian batteries back in his homeland instead of being with you, our fans and followers. For a small fee, you may be able to actually speak to Angry Bob in Canada (That's another Comic-Con exclusive!)

Lovers scheduled to be at the table:

Senor Ira


The Lady Janice

The Space Pope (not a Lover, but a Saint)

and everybody's favorite... Beanrobot (Albert)!

Friends of Love and Lovers unto themselves

Here are a couple of shout-outs to some other passionate people who deserve your attention (and your disposable income). They are all friends and animators and have their own tables/booths at Comic-Con. Be sure to tell 'em "Hot Mexican Love" sent ya.

Louie Del Carmen - table G04: Louie is a frequent contributor to our anthology, an obsessed workhorse, an amazing artist and a good friend. He self publishes comics and sketchbooks and has a great ongoing blog "Random Anomalies", which you should definitely check out

Paul Wee (Red Eye Art) - table D04: Paul is our Cover artist and if you read our blog, you would be saying "Haven't you kissed his ass enough already, Senor?"

No , I have not.

Go to his table and buy some of his stuff.

Conduct Happiness - 4830: Chris Sonnenburg (along with partner Joe Moshier) has reinvented the "Pea" in "Happiness" (or is it "Pee"?). Chris is another huge talent and his wares are adorable. In addition to their usual stuff, C.H. has published it's very first "Golden Book", get it while it lasts. And you can also go to his website to see what is making everybody so damn happy.

Vaya con Amor, Amigos. Hope to see you all later in the week.

Monday, July 19, 2010


Here you go Amigos.

Take this image off our blog and spread the word of Love.

We will be there, will you?

Visitors will be rewarded... with passion!

Tuesday, July 13, 2010

In Transit

Hola Amigos,

Just over one week left until Comic-Con and the tension is on the rise as we anxiously await the arrival of our book. I have been in touch with our printer in Canada and they have shipped. The real question is what day will it arrive?

In the meantime, let me tease you with another entry from the 2010 addition. This week brought to you from another freshman lover, the uber-talented Phil Allora. I must give extra credit and kudos to Phil. Here is a list of his Hot Mexican Love trials and accomplishments:

-I met Phil at last year's Convention (he bought our book and also works with Albert). I was unfamiliar with his work and he asked to be a contributor in the book. And although I gave him a hard time about it, Albert assured me he was a good kisser. Knowing that Albert is also a good kisser (so I've heard) I trust him, and yet I still vetted Phil more than McCain vetted Palin.

-he took the comic and deadline VERY seriously

-he was the first person to turn in a submission for the 2010 edition

-he did one of the longer stories in the 2010 edition

-his story totally ROCKS! It looks and reads AMAZING! Sincerely.

If I didn't know better, I'd say Phil did an amazing job just to make me feel sheepish for giving him a hard time when I first met him. But this is HOT MEXICAN LOVE. We don't hold grudges, we share the love and spread the passion.

So Muchos Gracias to Phil. You are top-notch in my book! Amigos, you should also check out his Blog and Deviant Art Page. And if you see Phil, do what I plan on doing, ask for one of those muy feugo besos that Albert was raving about.

Hope to see you all next week!

(small press: table O14)

Friday, July 9, 2010

¡Convention Exclusive 2010!

Hold onto your sombreros because we've done it again!

It's clean. It's green. And it can finally be seen!

Hot Mexican Love Comics is proud to announce the third in our series of shot glasses (affectionately known as the "Sombrero Series"). This year featuring our very own "Padre Prick"

Be the envy of all your compadres as you drink a shot from the only drinking receptacle guaranteed to increase the potency of what it contains by a minimum of 17%. How do we do it? The answer is simple...

because we love you.

Available only at Comic-Con, this is one exclusive you will not want to miss. Other exhibitors at the con limit their exclusive items to a few thousand... HOGWASH! To keep up the value, we limited our production run to less than 200! The first of our series sold out. Don't be left behind this year too! Be sure to swing on by our table of Comics, Romance & Machismo and demand your shot glass. On second thought, you should buy two. Why? Because we love you.

See you in the Small Press Area: table O14

Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Evolution of a Cover

Hola Amigos

Well, we are just two weeks away from Comic-Con 2010,
so I thought it would be a good time to reveal the cover for our next pulse-pounding edition:

We think it is "Outta this World!"

We can't thank the Artist/Contributor/Mexican-Lover, Paul Wee, enough for painting another spectacular image to grace the cover of our book. So in honor of Paul, I thought it'd be nice to show a few of the steps it took to create the oven mitt that holds in all the heat.

It all starts with a discussion between Paul and the Editor-In-Chief (that would be me, Senor Ira) about what we'd like to show and what Paul would like to paint. As the E-I-C, priority one is having an image to catch the eye of people walking by our book (or booth as it may be). Our book title contains it all: our lifestyle, credo, attitude. One would think with a title like that you might not need an image, just text. But it is our image that speaks to the illiterate, for even those remedially challenged can speak the international language of Love.

Paul had requested to doing something with a "Pulp Novel" feel to it, a bit retro. Maybe a crime scene. I mentioned that I was thinking about something with an "Outer Space" feel, and perhaps we could combine the two. Well, Paul LOVED the idea and immediately drew up some concepts to play around with. The first two were basic space ideas with strong silhouttes of a sexy Latina:

But the third concept is what really got the ball rolling:
HML planting a flag for interplanetary love had a nice feel to it. Outer Space with some lovelorn Aliens added a touch of whimsey. Paul then fleshed out some other poses and ideas for the nucleus to look over.
Beanrobot saw these and said "That pose with her ass is the $#!t"
I agreed. Even the Lady Janice said "I like the one with the girl showing her tushy". But we also wanted to show more of outer space, and maybe a planet. To which Paul combined all the elements for this sketch:
And thus, we had our cover sketch! I gave Paul the green light to move forward and paint the cover.

As much as I like to control various aspects of the book, I always want the contributors to have fun and be proud of what they are creating. I like to keep things within a certain guideline for our style and I'm happy to toss ideas around with them. But ultimately, it is the artists name that goes on the final piece and I want them to do it as much for themselves as they are for the whole of the book.

If you'd like to see more of Paul's work and possibly meet the man himself, he will be on hand at Comic-Con this year at
the Red Eye Art table: D04

He will have his own sketchbooks available there and will also be willing to sign your copies of Hot Mexican Love Comics!

See you soon Lovers!