Saturday, May 2, 2009

Hot AFRICAN Love!!

Here it is, true believers!
Proof that our modern day "Kama Sutra/Personal Improvement Life Guide" knows no boundaries, plays no favorites and transcends cultural, economical & technological ways of life.

The above photo was taken in Tanzania, in the famous Serengeti Nat'l Park! No, these are not people in costume, they are authentic Maasai Tribespeople, whose age-old way of life has just become,
 you guessed it... MORE PASSIONATE.
(to learn more about the Maasai, click here)

One may figure that perhaps our multicultural magazine was given to our indigenous friends, due to the fact they are holding the latest issue. But as the astute viewer can tell, by presence of the baby being held on the right and the expectant mother on the left, the Maasai are obviously quite familiar with our book and it's romantic results. Viva Amor!

Now I don't deny being present to take the photo. I mean, let's be serious. It's one thing for the Maasai to own copies of our book. But to think that they not only have a digital camera, computers AND a reliable internet connection in the middle of a region which spans approx. 30,000 square Kilometers and whose names translates into "endless plains"...bah!

This other photo is of yours truly, during the same excursion, at the base of what is the highest peak on the whole continent,

It had been a dream of mine to see the famous peak with my own eyes. And with the assistance of Hot Mexican Love Comics, another one of my dreams came true. So be sure to run down to your local retailer and pick up the latest issue if you haven't already. And then sit back and let your dreams become reality.

con amor, esperanza y sueños,
Senor Ira

MORE Love around the world

Happy May Lovers!

Team Sherak is back from its world travels and happy to show the Love has spread even further. Pictured is my wife in the historic city of Edinburgh, Scotland, with its famous castle high in the background.

Now, although I admit to keeping a copy of the most passionate comic-anthology on the shelves today with me at most times. The photo is being posted to prove one of its other features (aside from enhancing the passion in your life). It was approx. 40 degrees F at the time this photo was taken (note my wife's apparel). And at this point, she was not carrying the book to show off our location, but to keep warm! If you're reading this, you know how much heat this book radiates!

Many of our loyal readers already know of the magical properties contained within our home-brewed literature. But here is some non-photoshopped proof of why people should keep a copy of Hot Mexican Love Comics with them at all times.

Keep spreading the love amigos,
Senor Ira