Monday, November 24, 2008

Wet APE doesn't disappoint

Buenos Tardes Lovers

Sorry for the delay in posts, especially since our return from San Francisco. I know you have been lonely and craving a digital shot of love, and we here at HMLC central are happy to be your internet pimps.

As previously mentioned, HMLC has a great relationship with the denizens of the City on the Bay. And it really showed this year as the bulk of our sales came from former customers! It was overwhelming and flattering at the amount of people who came by the table looking for us and the latest issue of our graphic comedy romance. And to all of you, I bid you Muchos Besos & Muchos Gracias.

Leaving Friday Afternoon (Halloween), Lady J & myself stepped into our rented Chevy Cobalt to make tracks for what would be our third consecutive appearance at APE Con. Beanrobot (Albert) rode up with freshman lover, Chris Bennett, and we actually passed one another along the way. Lady J was in the drivers seat for the bulk of the ride and when she saw Mr. Bennett casually pass by on the 5 Freeway, she broke the speed limit (by over 30 mph!) to catch up. Exclaiming "No way am I gonna let those Candy-Asses beat us to San Fran!"

The weather for the weekend was not favorable, but nonetheless we endured. It rained most of Saturday, which we feel inhibited sales, but we still did well. By the end of the day, the rains had stopped, but by then it was also dark. My memories of anecdotes that day are now fuzzy, but I do remember Beanrobot shouting out to what looked like a woman. He yelled "Excuse me Sir!" as Lady J & myself went wide-eyed and began to laugh. Albert then hid his embarrassed face behind a copy of our book.

Another surprise that happened that Saturday was getting a call from "Angry Bob", stating his parole officer was too busy to meet with him and that he could join us in San Fran for the second day of the show. I don't know what time he left L.A., but he appeared at the convention about 15 minutes before closing. Having Bob join is a big help, and also allowed Lady J & myself to leave early on that Sunday for a prior engagement.

Sales were good, not San Diego good, but this is a much smaller show. And we did do better than the previous years at APE. But more importantly, we were thanked MANY times over for "Sharing the Love" Thus guaranteeing our return north for next years convention. We hope to see you all there. 

Enjoy these photos of some of YOU, our loyal fans:

Shawn & Chris were the first of our fans to find us and sing the praises of our love.

this couple were a little too into their passionate outfits and insisted on flogging your truly

This is Scott, he showed up with our classic 90's issues to get them signed by Albert & me. Our loyal customers know no bounds!

Matt Groening shared the love and showed support by purchasing the latest issue.
 He mentioned he always wanted to do a book of "Art by Simpsons Artists". Too bad we beat him to it.
Things got too hot too handle at times, so the San Francisco Fire Dept. had to stop by.
No citations were issues, only advice on Amor.
Carin, one of our most loyal fans. We love you. 
And finally, no, this IS NOT HMLC lover & contributor John Fountain. I think his name was "Bryson" But Albert & I did a double take as he approached. His look, his dress, even his speech pattern emulated the unflappable artist of the water trilogy. We took a video to prove it. Perhaps one day I'll figure out how to upload it.

Adios Amigos!