Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Blessed with your Love

Buenos Dias Lovers,

Just a quick post as we continue to cool down and wipe off the excess passion produced from our most successful convention yet.

I will attempt to post day by day reviews over the next week, but for now I just wanted to thank all of you, our loyal romantics, for helping to spread the love.

Special shout out to our new friend, loyal fan, and spiritual advisor...
"The Space Pope" for making another appearance at our table. He discovered our love last year and is eternally in our debt. He helped repay that debt by blessing this years fans after purchase. Gracias Padre.

Monday, July 21, 2008


The staff of HMLC will again be manhandling a table at the 2008 San Diego Comicon. We will be greeting our adoring and ravenous fans from Thursday morning to Sunday evening. Rumor has it that we will be breaking new records in excitement and passion levels, so stop by... unless you have something against love!

Saturday, July 19, 2008


Here it is Lovers, for the first time ever you can now drink some of our love in the official
 "Hot Mexican Love Comics"
 Shot Glass.
Straight from Mexico (by way of China) comes the first non-comic item produced by the nucleus of HMLC. Our two sided shot glass depicts our icon on one side, and our hopes on the other.

Other potential slogans:
Please Swallow
Open your mouth and taste the Love
Straight from the "Angry Bob" factory
Passion in a Glass

This limited edition collectible was hand crafted and when used properly, simultaneously raises your passion while lowering your standards! FIESTA!

But it will only be available at the San Diego Comic Con. Be sure to get there early and pick up yours before they run out.

See you in the Small Press Area (table N8)

-Senor Ira

P.S. HMLC does not condone drinking and driving, so walk back to your hotel after you have a drink with us.

Thursday, July 17, 2008

The "OCHO" has landed!

Buenos Noches Amigos! And check out how large our library is getting!

Just in time for the big show, the latest offering from our merry band of Artist, Hooligans and Lovers has Arrived!

We received our shipment this past weekend, and we are now officially available, and INTERNATIONALLY as well! No, mi amigos, not because you can purchase the book in the homeland of Mexico, but in choice spots across Europe too (courtesy of Diamond Comic Distributors).

Coming in at a lean 48 pages, the book looks awesome! And not just because of our beautifully painted cover by Paul Wee. Although Paul, you really kicked ass this time around. Interior story and art was provided by these passionate individuals:

Chris Bennett
Rudi Berden
"Angry Bob" Bowen
Liz Climo
Rodney Clouden
Louie Del Carmen 
John & Leigh Fountain
Shawn Murray
Rafael Navarro
Shannon O'Connor
Larry Reynosa
Alex Ruiz
Ira Sherak
Ethan Spaulding
Cesar Spinoza
Anthony Vukojevich

Kudos and Kisses to you all.

Let me say that this issue has it all. New characters and some of your returning favorites featuring:

the return of Samurai Slug
Chupa & Goat
Pacho Clokey
and many more!

And if the usual assortment of stories wasn't enough, this edition contains a bonus feature. For all you sleepwalking fans who need your fix, a brand new SONAMBULO story by our own Rafael Navarro! The only Sonambulo story to be published this year. Wow! How can you say no to that?  

So if you can't make it to the San Diego Comic Con next week (we will be located in the Small Press Area table N8) go to your local Comic Shop to grab a copy. If they don't already carry our "Passion on the Pages" demand that they order it for you.


Monday, July 14, 2008

NEW YORK feels the Heat!

Buenos Dias one and all, and welcome to Senor Ira's Inaugural Post! I will keep this short and sweet because it is early for me.

Now this post is VERY LATE considering the subject matter it contains, but I vowed to talk about this chapter in HMLC history so here it is.

Back in April, HMLC Lover and creator of "Sonambulo", Rafael Navarro took a pile of books to the 3rd Annual New York Comic Convention. He had a table and did some true representin' for Mexican Lovers and Artists everywhere.

Being that NY is my home town, Lady J and myself just happened to be visiting at the time of the convention, so we worked the table with Rafael on Sunday, April 20. This was a new crowd for us, but their hearts were just as big, as they opened them (and there wallets) and welcomed literary passion in. Below you shall find some snapshots of ourselves and new fans.

Senor Ira

Even true patriots like Captain American go south of the border for some Love.

Lady J and myself working the table at the Con.

Saturday, July 12, 2008

LARRY REYNOSA named Webmaster / Webeditor-In-Chief© of the HMLC website

Let it be known that Larry Clark Reynosa is taking over as the Webmaster / Webeditor-In-Chief© of the HMLC website. Larry said that he will "Bring HMLC into the modern age of Dreamweaver, as it was built with the now-extinct GoLive programme, and I will EXPAND THE WEB PRESENCE of Hot Mexican Love Comics across many internet, usenet and other friendly channels using my proven experience of over 10 years at".

I congratulate you, L Clark Reynosa: the job of Webmaster / Webeditor-In-Chief© is filled with passion, glory and women. Don't let it taint you with its wicked charms. Stay the course, my friend, and the course will stay with you.

-Albert J Calleros