Monday, July 14, 2008

NEW YORK feels the Heat!

Buenos Dias one and all, and welcome to Senor Ira's Inaugural Post! I will keep this short and sweet because it is early for me.

Now this post is VERY LATE considering the subject matter it contains, but I vowed to talk about this chapter in HMLC history so here it is.

Back in April, HMLC Lover and creator of "Sonambulo", Rafael Navarro took a pile of books to the 3rd Annual New York Comic Convention. He had a table and did some true representin' for Mexican Lovers and Artists everywhere.

Being that NY is my home town, Lady J and myself just happened to be visiting at the time of the convention, so we worked the table with Rafael on Sunday, April 20. This was a new crowd for us, but their hearts were just as big, as they opened them (and there wallets) and welcomed literary passion in. Below you shall find some snapshots of ourselves and new fans.

Senor Ira

Even true patriots like Captain American go south of the border for some Love.

Lady J and myself working the table at the Con.