Thursday, July 17, 2008

The "OCHO" has landed!

Buenos Noches Amigos! And check out how large our library is getting!

Just in time for the big show, the latest offering from our merry band of Artist, Hooligans and Lovers has Arrived!

We received our shipment this past weekend, and we are now officially available, and INTERNATIONALLY as well! No, mi amigos, not because you can purchase the book in the homeland of Mexico, but in choice spots across Europe too (courtesy of Diamond Comic Distributors).

Coming in at a lean 48 pages, the book looks awesome! And not just because of our beautifully painted cover by Paul Wee. Although Paul, you really kicked ass this time around. Interior story and art was provided by these passionate individuals:

Chris Bennett
Rudi Berden
"Angry Bob" Bowen
Liz Climo
Rodney Clouden
Louie Del Carmen 
John & Leigh Fountain
Shawn Murray
Rafael Navarro
Shannon O'Connor
Larry Reynosa
Alex Ruiz
Ira Sherak
Ethan Spaulding
Cesar Spinoza
Anthony Vukojevich

Kudos and Kisses to you all.

Let me say that this issue has it all. New characters and some of your returning favorites featuring:

the return of Samurai Slug
Chupa & Goat
Pacho Clokey
and many more!

And if the usual assortment of stories wasn't enough, this edition contains a bonus feature. For all you sleepwalking fans who need your fix, a brand new SONAMBULO story by our own Rafael Navarro! The only Sonambulo story to be published this year. Wow! How can you say no to that?  

So if you can't make it to the San Diego Comic Con next week (we will be located in the Small Press Area table N8) go to your local Comic Shop to grab a copy. If they don't already carry our "Passion on the Pages" demand that they order it for you.



Albert said...

I can already feel the heat!

John_Fountain said...

...and let us not forget that this issue brings the "Agua Trilogy" (three stories about Mexican water and its unique properties as seen in the last three issues) to a bombastic conclusion...

Louie del Carmen said...

Congratulations Ira, Albert and Larry. It looks like another knockout edition HMLC and I am proud to be part of all the madness.

I am really excited for everyone to see the return of Samurai Slug!

See you guys in San Diego!!