Tuesday, July 27, 2010

A day to recoup

What a passionate group. And so handsome too!

Hola Amigos.
San Diego International Comic-Con 2010 has come and gone.
And thanks to you, it was one of our most successful shows. There's a lot of thanks to go around, but they will have to wait.

We dispensed so much passion over the past five days that we need a break to recharge the love batteries. But if you need a little fix, you can check us out at our Twitter site (http://twitter.com/hmlcomics) or at our Facebook Page.

AND if you become a member of the Facebook Page, the passion in your life will increase approximately 17.5%!

How can that happen? Because we love you.

The above photo is the Nucleus/booth crew for the con this past year: Beanrobot (Albert), Senor Ira (aka The Thrillionaire), The Lady Janice (Lady J.), KeyCon (our N.Y. based Lover) and L-Dogg (LarryDigital). Collectively known as
"The Tangerine Dream"

Goodnight Sweet Lovers,
stay warm under the covers.

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Ted Blackman said...

Hey amigos, sorry I couldn't make it to the Con. John Robek showed me a copy of HML and it looks great! Congratulations! Hope to finally meet you all at the post-con party. -Ted