Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Once again, we are Blessed

Hola Lovers

We are finally back in the swing of things now that our annual visit to San Diego is over. As such, there are many thanks to go around. And the first round is to you, our loyal fans and readers.

This was our fifth consecutive year exhibiting at Comic-Con and I am proud to say that we had more return customers than ever before! We are a bit humbled and glad that we are doing something right in the ways of Love. But we have always been confident in out content (we are more than just a sexy cover).

Here are a few shots from the Con (with more to come), while even more can be seen at our Facebook page.

The above shot is "The Space Pope". The power above has sent him and his presence graces our booth EVERY YEAR. A million kisses goes out to you, your Holiness!

Monelle, we love you. And your shirt is on the way.

The Blues Brothers mix their soul with Amor

May you all have a most Sensual Siesta.

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