Sunday, August 8, 2010

Gracias a los amantes


Another round of thanks goes out today to the contributors of the 2010 edition:

Phil Allora

Ted Blackman

Alex Campos

Susy Campos

Mick Cassidy

Liz Climo

Rodney Clouden

Keith Conroy

Valerie Fletcher

Michael Kenny

Shawn Murray

Caleb Meurer

Rod Mojica

John Roback

Stephen Sandoval

Ethan Spaulding

Paul Wee

No one man can make an anthology. And as talented as any artist is, the fact remains that no lone individual can accomplish as much as 17 Mexican Lovers. These bleeding heart romantics devote their time, skills and artistic soul so that your lives will be all the more pleasurable, profitable and passionate!

My lips are so parched from the kisses I have bestowed upon them, I have bought stock in "Chap Stick". So please do this humble editor a favor: if you see any of the Gaupos or Chulas listed above, stop them in their tracks, hold your head up high and kiss them as passionately as Ricardo Montalbán would.

This is MINIMUM of thanks they all deserve:

Front Cover Artist Paul Wee with Senor Ira and The Lady Janice.

Freshman Lover Phil Allora poses for the camera and with a camera and then helped work the booth!

Back Cover Artist Rod Mojica and Model Celeste P. pose with the Nucleus.

Back Cover Model Celeste P. poses with her painting. She created many smiles as she signed copies for fans.

Not to be outdone by Celeste, but Keith Conroy's return to the book made quite an impact. His story rocked, he worked the table with us and he drew original artwork which was raffled off for our fans! Arriba!

La Reina Blanca also stopped by to audition for the role of next year's cover model. Place your votes here or on our facebook page.

con Amor Y Besos,
Senor Ira

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