Tuesday, July 13, 2010

In Transit

Hola Amigos,

Just over one week left until Comic-Con and the tension is on the rise as we anxiously await the arrival of our book. I have been in touch with our printer in Canada and they have shipped. The real question is what day will it arrive?

In the meantime, let me tease you with another entry from the 2010 addition. This week brought to you from another freshman lover, the uber-talented Phil Allora. I must give extra credit and kudos to Phil. Here is a list of his Hot Mexican Love trials and accomplishments:

-I met Phil at last year's Convention (he bought our book and also works with Albert). I was unfamiliar with his work and he asked to be a contributor in the book. And although I gave him a hard time about it, Albert assured me he was a good kisser. Knowing that Albert is also a good kisser (so I've heard) I trust him, and yet I still vetted Phil more than McCain vetted Palin.

-he took the comic and deadline VERY seriously

-he was the first person to turn in a submission for the 2010 edition

-he did one of the longer stories in the 2010 edition

-his story totally ROCKS! It looks and reads AMAZING! Sincerely.

If I didn't know better, I'd say Phil did an amazing job just to make me feel sheepish for giving him a hard time when I first met him. But this is HOT MEXICAN LOVE. We don't hold grudges, we share the love and spread the passion.

So Muchos Gracias to Phil. You are top-notch in my book! Amigos, you should also check out his Blog and Deviant Art Page. And if you see Phil, do what I plan on doing, ask for one of those muy feugo besos that Albert was raving about.

Hope to see you all next week!

(small press: table O14)


Albert said...

Boy that Phil shore can draw!

Anonymous said...

I think the words you're missing here are
"I'm sorry Phil, please forgive me."
Really, is that so hard to say?