Monday, March 2, 2009

Love around the World

Bonjourno Lovers,

Sorry for the delay in posts. Mind you I am not apologizing for myself, but for the other members of our Comic Nucleus who should be posting to keep the love flowing.

The above photo was taken in the city of Venice, Italy, at St. Mark's Square. And as I am about to embark on another world travel which will bring EVERYBODY'S favorite Latin-themed Comic Anthology to yet another continent, I decided to post some fun photos from last year's adventure, where our Latin-themed Comic made a splash in another country with a Latin-based language.

The photo below was taken by yours truly, it features my good friend and loyal fan of passion, Steve Holand, with a gondola driver who claims that if he held the romance within the pages of our periodical, the pure energy of the book combined with the atmosphere of this most romantic of cities would singe his hands and prevent him from earning a living.

I believed every word. As did Steve, which is why he is wearing gloves while holding the book.

Look for my next update from across the globe next month.

Amor Y Besos,
Senor Ira

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