Saturday, August 1, 2009

The Last Convention

... last WEEK that is.

Sorry for the delay in updates, Lovers. After a long five days of spreading the love, it takes almost a week to recoup. (Jeez Louise, we may be super romantic but we are not Super human).

Until I have the proper time alloted for a more detailed update and commentary, the above photo of the Nucleus with the Space Pope, must suffice. Yes, once again the "Pasion Index" was HIGH. Overall, we had a good show and thank all of you, our loyal readers, followers and R.I.T.'s (Romantics-in-Training) for stopping by and continuing to spread our gospel of Latin Love.

may vestri vita exsisto repletus per perturbatio quod comic libri,
Senor Ira

1 comment:

The Pope said...

Yes!... It was great seeing you kids again... Can't wait for next year. If you need anything, the pope is more than happy to help out.