Friday, August 14, 2009

SDCC 09 Review: Part Uno

Hola Amigos ¿Como esta?

As the love courses through our veins, so must we blood-let ourselves to share the passion with you.

Comic-Con is always fun. We had a good year filled with laughs, music and sales (Fiesta!) Sadly, the winner of the "Win a date with BeanRobot" was a no-show. But never fear, although Albert was disappointed, many other lover-wannabees were delighted, knowing that their chance at love is only a smile away.

Part of the fun at the show is making new friends, and even better is re-aquainting ourselves with "former customers". We are tickled that you make room in your heart and time at the convention for us.

Preview Night

First off, a huge thanks and kiss on the cheek goes out to artist, friend and contributor, Robert Goodin, for helping me unload my truck and set up the HMLC table at the con. Be sure to check out his blog at Wood Paneled Basement for all things Goodin. While your at it, click over to his second blog, COVERED, which is one of the best new blogs in years. Featuring all kinds of interpretations of Comic Book Covers from every age. It's a Hit!

As for the show, Senor Ira sat alone for three hours, but did as well as could be expected being that most attendees on Wednesday evening were running around for convention exclusives... which we had. The "Senor Hot Stuff" collectible shot glass was a big hit for us. So big that it guarantees a series of shot glasses! Where can you get one? Only at a convention (it's a convention exclusive... duh?) But we will be at APE Con in San Fran in Oct. More on that later.What will number three in the series look like? Well for that you'll have to check here in about 10 months.


No more lonely nights or days here, thanks to the arrival of the cutest Belgian you could ever meet. Rudi-riffic, our Belgian Mexican Lover, came down to help spread the love and work the table with yours truly. This was Rudi's second year helping us out at the big show and it was much appreciated. For all of you who requested one of his authentic Belgian Waffles, we apologize for running out so early. But damn are they tasty! If you've had one you know how addictive they are. They are so good they may become a convention exclusive in the future.

Enough words, feast your eyes on some Pics.

Dearest Monelle, your support of our love is better than any brassiere could ever provide.
(And thanks for the Hot Sauce)

Dr. Mrs. The Monarch is believed to be the winner of the
"Win a Date with BeanRobot" contest.
Some people feel it was a fix. For her, I think it is just a loss.

Sweet Christmas! Powerman knows where the love is!

Comedian and Silk Spectre.
Awesome Costumes, Terrible Movie adaptation.
(Great taste in Comics though)

Orale' Harlow. Keep it real 'til next year Hermano.

Oops, my bad, THIS is a pic of the winner of the "Win a Date with Beanrobot". Perhaps he wasn't macho enough to go out on a date with a real Mexican Lover.

That's enough for now. Stay tuned for review: Part Dos!


Albert said...

Ira, you relentlessly mock me for the winner of the "WIN A DATE WITH BEANROBOT CONTEST" not showing up to collect their prize. Well, I will let you in on a little secret... I was feeling too sensitive that night to go out on a date anyhow!!!

Senor Ira said...

De Scupa, mi Amigo.

I didn't realize that you were so distraught over being stood up. My true desire was that perhaps one of the lonely runner-ups or possible future "Mrs. Beanrobot" would capitalize on a once in a lifetime opportunity for true Mexican Love.

For those gorgeous readers out there, please take Beanrobot's sensitivity into account when petitioning for his romance.

The Pope said...

Albert, next year we will get you one. I'll fashion a box, some raffle tickets, and maybe comp the meal. Maybe. We must make it over the top my amigo. Also, If you didn't read I placed a tid bit about you guys in my newly fashioned internet blog.