Saturday, April 14, 2007

Ira Toots APE '07 HORN

Greetings Lovers One and All,

We have returned from San Francisco with smiles on our faces and love in our 
hearts (as always). As for APE-Con 2007...


On Friday, the Lady Janice (my Latin Senorita), L-Dogg Reynosa (Co-Founder
of the book) and myself braved the inclimate weather and drove up to attend
our second APE-Con. Having some knowledge of what to expect this time around
we were better prepared. Arriving late afternoon, we enjoyed the city on
Friday Night and got a good nights rest, praying to Santa Maria and the
almighty Goat that the book would be well received over the weekend.

Saturday morning we made it over to the Concourse Exhibition Center and set
up as Albert (Co-founder and the true Mexican heart of HMLC) arrived (he
took a 7am flight). Once again it was a blast. Displaying posters of the
covers of both the 2006 and 2007 editions, our table was covered with our
signature sombrero, all three editions of the book, PLUS the 2007 sketchbook
we whipped together special for APE. We came in charged and truly shared the
love with all who passed by. It is always fun to make a sale, and sketch for
our new friends/fans. But what was even BETTER were the people who
remembered us from last year and sought us out for another dose of our
homespun printed amor.

We definitely had the flavor of fiesta at our booth. Everytime we sold a
copy of the book, we hit play on our ipod (connected to speakers) and "The
Mexican Hat Dance" would play as we would clap and celebrate sharing the
love. Despite annoying some of our neighbors (as usual), we created interest
at the table drawing over even more customers.

I must admit, we did not move as many copies of the sketchbook as we had
hoped, but we definitely helped generate the buzz for the upcoming 2007 edition!

APE has now become a favorite among the nucleus of HMLC, and you will have
to attend next year to see why. But for a hint of this year, go to Larry Reynosa's site.

For those of you who don't know Larry, let me give a brief
intro: Larry Reynosa was an Editor at Malibu Comics in the early 90's. It
was there he met Albert Calleros and a Love like no other blossomed. It was
from this forbidden bond that the concept of HOT MEXICAN LOVE COMICS was
born. Both true Mexicans with passion for comics. As time passed, Albert had
left the comics field to enter animation, leaving Larry behind as Malibu Comics
went belly up. Unemployed and rejected, Larry took a job with the
city and continued to collect comics, but not create them.

Larry did help publish the first issue in 1996 (along with Albert and Rob Goodin), but
my knowledge of his history for the next ten years of his life
is limited. Flash forward to 2006, I had taken over the reigns of HMLC as

Editor-In-Chief and pubisher and begin work on the 2007 edition, Albert
recommends getting back to the roots of HMLC and we bring Larry back into
the fold. For more details on Larry, Albert, Rob and the history of the
book, you'll have to ask them.

As for San Diego in July, I have already mentioned that we secured a table
in the small press area. I do hope that you can all attend and perhaps help
out at the booth for short stints to meet our fans and do some sketches for
them. Albert, Larry and myself could use the help when things get busy.

We are now only days away from getting the order number from Diamond Distributors.

Everyone keep your fingers crossed for big numbers. The more
issues we sell, the more exposure we have. Plus the contributors can
hopefuly get some kick back and a better release party. And if you are
curious about what people truly think of our masterpiece, you can always
check out our websites for links and updates. Otherwise, here is an
AUTHENTIC fan letter which I just received today! (Yes, this is the real
deal. I was floored how they even quoted from my submission!)


Thank you Ira, Albert and everyone else who I met at APE 2007. Just finished
your Hot Mexican Love Comics 2006. The guy sitting next to me on the plane
was pretending to read his boring Wall Street Journal but I know what he
wished he were reading instead.

Best $5 investment that I've come across in a long time.

Much continued success you amigos.

Also, thank for the sketches. They wore off a bit which only makes them that
more authentic.

"GROWL is an anagram of the acronym." You guys a smart way.

Ever onward,


So there's your update. Let's all keep the love flowing.


Senor Ira

Editor-In-Chief HMLC07

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