Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Any minute now

you will be standing at our booth and DEMANDING one of our exclusive
(and I'm talking to you Monelle)

but I give you fair warning, these are extremely limited.
We poured a ton of passion into making them, and then used these actual shirts to wipe the sweat off our sexy chests to infuse MAXIMUM PASSION!!

And where can you find them?
We will once again be in the Small Press Area
Table N8
in attendance:
Angry Bob
Senor Ira
& of course Beanrobot

(The Lady Janice will be at home this year caring for the littlest member of our passion posse, sorry fellas)

note: due to prior obligations, we will not be at Preview Night (Wednesday).
The heat will rise starting Thursday morning around 11 am

It's been a long year, Lovers, and our juices are flowing.
We can't wait to see you.
(Bring protection, if you know what I mean)

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