Friday, August 8, 2008

San Diego Comic-Con Review: Day Dos

Hola Amigos, and welcome to the review of Day Two. Albert made it down to San Diego early Friday morning and he brought the HEAT with him. This was another busy day at the con, and with three Hot Mexican Lovers at the table (Angry Bob, Albert and myself) to sketch, sign and swoon, it seemed like there was no time for breaks. EVERYBODY wanted a a taste of our homegrown passion.

A big reward for appearing at the convention three years in a row, is that we are finally starting to build a reputation and have repeat customers. People remember us from prior years and want to reconnect, share a story of passion and insure another year of romance in their own life with purchase of our book. We are so confident in our product that this year we gave a money back guarantee to the attendees. If the passion in their own life did not increase by a minimum of 16% (after purchase) they could come back to the table for a full refund. I am happy to say there was absolutely no refunds needed. In fact, one customer from last year actually sought us out to thank us for an unforgettable evening after the con last year... after purchase of our book. NO, Albert did not have a rendez-vous with mentioned individual, he met someone on his own and shot off some skyrockets. KA-POW! (true story).

We'd like to thank these repeat customers, our growing fleet of romantics, for their support, purchases and love. I am ashamed to admit that I do not remember the name of the woman in the photo below, but I will give her kudos. She read about the convention exclusive shot glasses online and bee-lined her way to our booth for purchase Friday morning. If this is you, dear fan, please leave us a comment and your name so we can sing it with joy and echo your name in the annals of HML history.

Enough with the gab, here are some fun photos of fans and heroes with our book:

Psylocke from the X-Men

Mara Jade, Slave Leia & Senator Amidala from the Star Wars Universe. The hottest broads in the galaxy holding the hottest book at the convention.

Cobra Cmdr. & The Baroness have no reason to fight while they hold pages of passion.

The HMLC crew love the Venture Bros. & the Monarch 

Above is our favorite type of fan: he finds us, buys the entire HMLC library and smiles.

MEE-OOWWW! The Black Cat. 'nuff said.

Our final photo for the post is especially for Albert. A picture can speak a thousand words. This one left us speechless. Until our founder gently whispered " call me... "

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