Sunday, August 17, 2008

San Diego Comic-Con Review: Day Tres Y Quatro

The heat was ON!

The rise in temperature came in the form of Larry "L-Dogg" Reynosa, co-founder of the book, who joined us Friday night and worked the Con on Saturday. It was a BUSY day, but manageable with Four of us working the table in shifts, as detailed in his post (see below).

It's been three weeks since the con, so my memory is getting a little fuzzy. But hIghlights included the visit by (see previous posts for links and photos) and visits by various friends, co-workers and lovers.

Speaking of which, Saturday afternoon also ushered in the arrival of my darling, "Lady J". Traveling solo via train to meet up at the convention, my fiancee was worried about getting in the way, knowing how crazy Saturday can be. We already had a full complement of people behind the table and space does become an issue. But contrary to her worries, Janice was a great help. She allowed for longer breaks of the nucleus, kept items and funds in order when behind the table, and got lunch and snacks for the crew during very busy times. MOST important, she became the official photographer of scantily clad MEN, the type which L-Dogg would want to photo himself, but his machismo would never allow.

So for one day of the 2008 Convention we had the full nucleus: Beanrobot, Angry Bob, L-Dogg, the Lady Janice and yours truly, your Ambassador of Amor and Editor-In-Chief, Senor Ira. Yes... Saturday was the biggest day of sales for HMLC. FIESTA!

As a treat to our hard-working crew, we celebrated at a fine dining establishment in the Gaslamp district of downtown San Diego. Special shout out to writer/producer Joss Whedon (of Buffy the Vampire/Serenity fame) he was at the table next to us at the restaurant and took the photo attached below. (Okay, he WAS there, and we did want him to take the photo, but our waiter did it instead).

Sunday, the final day. Larry left Saturday after dinner. Bob had left that morning. We were down to three. But it was a special trio. Albert, Janice & myself worked the first convention of the modern era of HMLC together in San Francisco We were veterans by now. And feeling confident after three solid days of sales, we figured we could relax a little this final day. So much so that we even showed up late (we needed to catch up on some sleep).

The day started a little slow and we started to hear more excuses. One passerby made Albert go through his whole pitch before he revealed "I have no money". Albert's response:

"I'm sorry sir, I'm going to have to ask you to leave."

Much to Janice' chagrin (who hates that I push myself and the crew hard for sales), Albert & I agreed that once we hit a certain number of sales for the day we would slow way down, but something unexpected happened. A flurry of activity by people who were waiting for last day sales. Some purchased on previous days and wanted issues from other years, some saw us and promised to come back (and they DID!), some were seeking passion and some just stumbled upon us. But they all did come. And they came to buy! ARRIBA!

One of my favorite sales of the day came in the form of two young men who were looking a bit lost. I offered to assist. They said they were looking for the booth that was giving away "Threats". Let me inform you, dear reader, in the program for the convention which lists info about booths and locations, our submission mentioned "Our talented staff of lovers and artists will be on hand signing, sketches and giving advice on Amor! Special Bonus, Canada's own "Angry Bob" will be on hand this year dispensing hugs and threats!" When I write blurbs like this, which comes from the heart, I don't know who is gonna read or pay attention. But the fact that these two guys came looking for our angriest lover made me happy. They purchased two issues apiece.

So we had a ton of sales, and easily passed our projected number. We were doing so well, that I quickly upped the goal for the day and stayed on focus. Albert agreed as long as he could take a break. DONE! Unfortunately, the last hour of the convention slowed way down. I was hearing far too many excuses of no cash and became surly. I was on a mission of sales. So when someone would stop to talk about the book without purchase, saying "I'd like to buy but I have no money" my new response was "And I have no more time for you", and would turn my back. I apologize friends and future lovers. That was not very considerate. But I was getting punchy after four straight days of selling, and Janice & Albert kept giggling when I would do that.

Albert was also getting desperate. His new tactic was this: he would draw his new character "Chicano Cat" on a post-it along with a note that said "I love you" (it looked something like this):
Then surreptitiously walk over to someone and whisper "hey" and hand him this note. This actually worked a handful of times and people would buy a copy. Albert, you are an artistic genius.

5:00 pm... quiting time was quickly approaching. People were leaving without buying. we were three sales short of our new goal. Janice sat behind the table as Albert & myself pounced on everybody and anybody who passed by. Success came in two forms. My friend Adriana saw us and made a last minute purchase of our convention exclusive shot glasses. And Albert lured in a lovely young lady with his adoring eyes, did a quick sketch and a sale of two books. HUZZAH!

The convention was now over. Our biggest year yet. A lot of work, a lot of passion and a lot of fun. This entry is long enough. Please enjoy this attached photos.

I think we all know EXACTLY "What's goin' on" in this photo

These young lovers met us at last years convention and wanted to keep their relationship HOT!

Stacy Jo... the basement still has some room for you.

(fill in your own comment here)
(Larry edit: "Please, for the love of God, someone call Child Protection Services immediately")

 Lady J is practicing for her proctology exam. Albert is a willing patient.

A visit to the consulate is required to insure the love flows.
Despite not being at the convention center, our visit produces some very passionate results.

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