Sunday, June 6, 2010

Everybody LOVES Paco

Hola Amigos

Another quick update and some kudos.

The book is just about ready for print and I am quoting Beanrobot when I write

"This is one of the best editions ever!"

But I want to give a shout out to Mexican Lover, Artist and Friend

Shawn "Calves" Murray

There are a number of people who have contributed to five issues of the book, but no one else has featured the same character each time. Shawn is the creator/artist of "Paco" who has become one of the mascots of our book. With the exception of the premiere issue back in 1996, Paco is the only character to appear in every issue (making this his fifth, consecutive appearance).

There was a moment , due to time constraints, when Paco wasn't going to make an appearance for the 2010 edition, but as usual,

Passion trumps time!

I know many people out there are huge fans of our silent and stout, sombrero wearing hero. But I really want to thank Shawn for devoting his time and talent to our book. His Love shines like a beacon that cuts through a foggy night in the Gulf of Mexico.

Mucho Besos Hermano, the next round is on me!