Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Worked to the Bone

Hola Amigos and fans of Amor.

Another quick little update to keep your addiction healthy and viable. We are a mere three weeks away from delivering the goods to you, and to say that we are excited about it is putting it mildly.

Once again, we will be in the small press area: table O14
(this is a different spot than the last few years, same aisle, but now in the middle, not the corner. More details to come. But don't worry about not finding us, much like "the Force", Love knows the way)

For our returning customers, who possess and cherish all of our wares, fear not, because not only will we will have the new 2010 edition of our guide to love and romance (with a splash of comedy) available, but also a new convention exclusive shot glass! (details on that coming soon). Also available will be our dwindling number of past issues for those who need to complete their collection.

The above image is brought to you by Stephen Sandoval, Animation Director/first-time contributor who really captured the theme of the book with his submission. Can't wait to show you the whole story.

Stay passionate my friends...

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