Sunday, June 20, 2010

The PROOF is in the pudding

... and the proof sheet is in my hands!

This past Friday I received the inspection copy of the book. And do you expect me to report anything less than CALIENTE' when it comes to our book?

We really are pleased with how it came it out. Truly one of the best editions we have put together. And although this was the quickest we put the book together, in no way did we just crap it out. You'll find out for yourself soon enough.

This month's teaser image is brought to you from another Freshman Lover who is also a Protege to our very own founder/Beanrobot, Albert.
Valerie Fletcher take a bow and enjoy your anonymity while it lasts. Because as soon as the book comes out, the Passion Paparazzi will be on you like Black on Beans.

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The Pope said...

I can't wait! If you guys need me this year to setup or anything send me an e-mail... I have that week basically off for the con. <3