Friday, July 9, 2010

¡Convention Exclusive 2010!

Hold onto your sombreros because we've done it again!

It's clean. It's green. And it can finally be seen!

Hot Mexican Love Comics is proud to announce the third in our series of shot glasses (affectionately known as the "Sombrero Series"). This year featuring our very own "Padre Prick"

Be the envy of all your compadres as you drink a shot from the only drinking receptacle guaranteed to increase the potency of what it contains by a minimum of 17%. How do we do it? The answer is simple...

because we love you.

Available only at Comic-Con, this is one exclusive you will not want to miss. Other exhibitors at the con limit their exclusive items to a few thousand... HOGWASH! To keep up the value, we limited our production run to less than 200! The first of our series sold out. Don't be left behind this year too! Be sure to swing on by our table of Comics, Romance & Machismo and demand your shot glass. On second thought, you should buy two. Why? Because we love you.

See you in the Small Press Area: table O14

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The Pope said...

Complete your collection. The pope will bless your family... And your shots!