Tuesday, July 20, 2010

details and guidelines

Hola Amigos!

We are using every last moment prepping for the "Big Show". What surprises do we have in store for all you faithful Lovers?

Not even we know because we don't know what we will be able to finish before we depart for San Diego.

Here is a map so you can find us at Comic-Con.

Once again, we will be in the

Small Press Area - table O14.

Share this map and info with all your friends.

Schedule of events at our Table:

Wednesday (Preview Night): Sorry Amigos, Wednesday is Hump Day. No HMLC for you.

Thursday: sell comics & shot glasses, sketch for fans, give advice on Love and perhaps a hug or two

Friday: sell comics & shot glasses, sketch for fans, give advice on Love and perhaps a hug or two

Saturday: sell comics & shot glasses, sketch for fans, give advice on Love and perhaps a hug or two

Sunday: sell comics & shot glasses, sketch for fans, give advice on Love and perhaps a hug or two,

raffle off Albert's phone number

We may also be calling "Angry Bob" intermittently throughout the con since he decided to recharge his Canadian batteries back in his homeland instead of being with you, our fans and followers. For a small fee, you may be able to actually speak to Angry Bob in Canada (That's another Comic-Con exclusive!)

Lovers scheduled to be at the table:

Senor Ira


The Lady Janice

The Space Pope (not a Lover, but a Saint)

and everybody's favorite... Beanrobot (Albert)!

Friends of Love and Lovers unto themselves

Here are a couple of shout-outs to some other passionate people who deserve your attention (and your disposable income). They are all friends and animators and have their own tables/booths at Comic-Con. Be sure to tell 'em "Hot Mexican Love" sent ya.

Louie Del Carmen - table G04: Louie is a frequent contributor to our anthology, an obsessed workhorse, an amazing artist and a good friend. He self publishes comics and sketchbooks and has a great ongoing blog "Random Anomalies", which you should definitely check out

Paul Wee (Red Eye Art) - table D04: Paul is our Cover artist and if you read our blog, you would be saying "Haven't you kissed his ass enough already, Senor?"

No , I have not.

Go to his table and buy some of his stuff.

Conduct Happiness - 4830: Chris Sonnenburg (along with partner Joe Moshier) has reinvented the "Pea" in "Happiness" (or is it "Pee"?). Chris is another huge talent and his wares are adorable. In addition to their usual stuff, C.H. has published it's very first "Golden Book", get it while it lasts. And you can also go to his website to see what is making everybody so damn happy.

Vaya con Amor, Amigos. Hope to see you all later in the week.


The Pope said...

Can't wait... See you kids wednesday!

larrydigital said...

Looking forward to it dude, but Ira and I aren't going to make it down until Thursday at the earliest.

But please, feel free to start the party early!

JRoback said...

Can't wait to meet everyone! See ya this weekend!

Louie del Carmen said...

Congratulations Ira, Albert and Larry on another muy callente edition of HMLC! See you guys in San Diego! Miss contributing on this one but SAMURAI SLUG has been seen hanging around Culiacan so he'll have some stories to tell sometime soon...

The Pope said...

I went to the the muy empty booth. I took pictures then people looked at the booth, laughed and took pictures also, i told them to come by later to meet the pope and get some nice comics. They said they would. I can already feel the love. See you tomorrow.

Anonymous said...

Where the heck are you? Booth is empty and I need a shot glass for my drink!

The Pope said...

The comic is great! I read it on the trolley ride. You really out done yourselves this year!

punch-drunk said...

So glad we wondered into your neck of the woods!

The wife and I bought two books, and you guys were rad enough to throw in an older book as well. We were sold by the mangy rat strip in the '10 book.

Definitely adding you on my list for next year's con. Gotta hit up the booth before I'm down to my last $10.